Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Communications: My Degree in a nutshell

     The best way I can describe my major is "the art of sending message to people better". As a communications major the focus is on how people act in various situations. For instance, Public speaking would be the relationship between the speaker and his/her audience. This was one of the coolest class I have taken so far because you give four different types of speeches during the semester and each one you give you get recorded and have to analyse yourself. It's kind of awkward to see yourself give a speech, but really sweet at the same time because you can figure out what you need to change, such as facial expressions, stop saying "like, uh, um", and use different body gestures. Interpersonal Communication would be more of a one on one setting (ie a family member, boyfriend/ girlfriend, pet?) and how the two manage conflict, choose topics to discuss, and grow closer together.
     My favorite class, however, is Leadership in Communication hands down. Dr. James Keaton is incredible because he takes the time to get to know his students and brings the course to a level that we can emotionally connect with it. For instance, as far as the kind of guy he is, he came and sit in front of me before class started and just asked how I was doing and what was new in my life. This is a man who speaks on the national level and a well renowned man...definitely has the spirit of humility. With that said, he strucutres his class as a self discovery style with each of us students figuring out individually what we value, our stengths/ weaknesses, and where we are headed in the future. I am writing a ten page paper about myself (about the aspects I listed above) and I can honestly say that I plan on using this paper well after graduation. To me, that's a solid class! As someone who wants to go to seminary after I graduate and then go into Pastoral Minsity being a communications major has paved the way for my future, no doubt!


  1. There seem to be a little acting involved in this also when you talk about public speaking? It is of course about what you say, but definately also how you act. If nobody is listening is does not matter what you talk about.

  2. Definitely! Still scripted, but in a different way. Also a major difference with acting is that you perform in front of a crowd, but as if they aren't there. With Public speaking you are talking directly to them, making eye contact.